Annapolis Ride Directions

Turn  StreetTotal Distance    Leg Length    Time         Direction
1RandallSt0 ft
2Get on Memorial Cir and drive west0 ft0 ft0:00:00
3Take the 1st right onto Main St91 ft91 ft0:00:04258°
4Enter roundabout Church Cir0.3 mi0.3 mi0:00:37282°
5Take the 2nd right onto College Ave0.3 mi158 ft0:00:09322°
6Turn left onto Bladen St0.4 mi328 ft0:00:1541°
7Take the US-50 W ramp to the left towards I-97/Baltimore/Washington2.1 mi1.7 mi0:03:38309°
8Take exit 23B to the right onto Md-450 towards Crownsville3.9 mi1.8 mi0:02:06247°
9Get on 23b and drive west3.9 mi22 ft0:00:01270°
10Take ramp to the right towards Riva Road4.0 mi400 ft0:00:08320°
11Turn right onto Riva Rd4.2 mi0.2 mi0:00:24112°
12Turn right onto Governor Bridge Rd8.4 mi4.2 mi0:07:48
13Governor Bridge (Stop Option)14.5 mi6.1 mi0:11:3521°
14Get on Governor Bridge Rd and drive northeast14.5 mi0 ft0:00:00201°
15Turn right onto Patuxent River Rd15.8 mi1.3 mi0:03:05
16Turn right onto Sands Rd21.4 mi5.6 mi0:10:30
17Turn right Southern Maryland27.8 mi6.5 mi0:11:42
18Turn left onto Bay Front Rd W29.4 mi1.6 mi0:02:45
19Turn right onto McKendree Rd31.9 mi2.5 mi0:04:49107°
21Turn right onto Jewell Rd33.8 mi1.9 mi0:04:48218°
21Turn left onto Wilson Rd34.2 mi0.4 mi0:00:45218°
23Turn left onto Sansbury Rd35.7 mi1.5 mi0:03:02
24Turn right onto Myrtle Ave40.8 mi5.2 mi0:09:0589°
25NorthBeach Park (Stop Option)41.0 mi0.1 mi0:00:31264°
26Get on Myrtle Ave and drive north41.0 mi6 ft0:00:0084°
27Turn left onto Walnut Ave41.1 mi0.1 mi0:00:19356°
28Turn right onto Old Colony Cove Rd42.9 mi1.8 mi0:03:38291°
29Turn left onto Leary Rd43.2 mi0.3 mi0:01:31
30Turn right onto Fairhaven Rd44.0 mi0.8 mi0:03:34311°
31Turn left onto Fairhaven Rd45.5 mi1.6 mi0:03:20
32Turn right onto Franklin Gibson Rd46.6 mi1.0 mi0:02:05268°
33Turn right onto Sudley Rd51.4 mi4.9 mi0:09:51
34Turn left onto Old Sudley Rd51.8 mi0.4 mi0:00:5291°
35Turn left onto Muddy Creek Rd52.7 mi0.9 mi0:02:1640°
36Turn right onto Galesville Rd54.3 mi1.6 mi0:02:23
37Turn left onto Riverside Dr55.3 mi1.0 mi0:02:46119°
38Pirates Cove Marina55.4 mi389 ft0:00:35115°
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