Liberty Reservoir Ride Directions

Turn  StreetTotal Distance    Leg Length    Time         Direction
1Bob's Bmw0 ft0 ft0
2Get on Guilford Rd and drive east21 ft21 ft00:00:0022° true
3Keep right onto Dorsey Run Rd0.4 mi0.3 mi00:00:36126° true
4Take the Md-32 W ramp to the right towards Laurel0.4 mi408 ft00:00:08201° true
5Keep left onto Md-32 N towards Columbia2.8 mi2.4 mi00:02:37320° true
6Keep right onto Hwy 32 W3.2 mi0.3 mi00:00:21345° true
7Take exit 20 to the right onto Md-108 towards Clarksville10.2 mi7.1 mi00:07:13296° true
8Turn right onto Clarksville Pike10.5 mi0.3 mi00:00:23306° true
9Turn left onto Sheppard Ln11.2 mi0.7 mi00:01:3140° true
10Enter roundabout Roundabout13.9 mi2.7 mi00:04:491° true
11Take the 2nd right onto Folly Quarter Rd13.9 mi135 ft00:00:02333° true
12FollyQuarterRda13.9 mi0 ft00:17:400° true
13Turn right onto Folly Quarter Rd13.9 mi0 ft00:00:000° true
14Turn left onto Frederick Rd17.2 mi3.3 mi00:05:1035° true
15Turn right onto Marriottsville Rd17.7 mi0.5 mi00:01:29296° true
162665Marriottsvi18.4 mi0.7 mi00:01:35281° true
17Get on Marriottsville Rd and drive north18.4 mi14 ft00:00:00101° true
18Turn left onto Wards Chapel Rd24.0 mi5.6 mi00:10:3449° true
194706WardsChapel26.7 mi2.6 mi00:06:450° true
20Get on Wards Chapel Rd and drive north26.7 mi0 ft00:00:00180° true
21Turn right onto Ivy Mill Rd30.4 mi3.7 mi00:09:01297° true
2212523IvyMillRd33.4 mi3.0 mi00:05:0957° true
23Get on Ivy Mill Rd and drive northeast33.4 mi0 ft00:00:00237° true
24Turn left onto Westminster Pike34.4 mi1.0 mi00:01:4751° true
25Turn right onto Glen Falls Rd35.2 mi0.8 mi00:01:31314° true
265944GlenFallsRd36.6 mi1.4 mi00:03:2957° true
27Get on Glen Falls Rd and drive east36.6 mi0 ft00:00:00237° true
28Turn left onto Hanover Pike37.9 mi1.3 mi00:03:0379° true
29Turn right onto Old Hanover Rd37.9 mi78 ft00:00:260° true
3014299OldHanover39.0 mi1.1 mi00:02:4657° true
31Get on Old Hanover Rd and drive northeast39.0 mi0 ft00:00:00237° true
32Turn right onto Pleasant Grove Rd40.1 mi1.2 mi00:02:47353° true
33Turn left onto Dover Rd41.6 mi1.4 mi00:03:3046° true
34DoverRdandDarkH42.3 mi0.7 mi00:01:510° true
35Turn right onto Dark Hollow Rd42.3 mi0 ft00:00:000° true
36Turn right onto Trenton Rd44.0 mi1.7 mi00:04:10357° true
37TrentonRdandTre44.2 mi0.2 mi00:00:460° true
38Turn left onto Trenton Mill Rd44.2 mi0 ft00:00:000° true
39Turn left onto Hanover Pike46.3 mi2.1 mi00:03:36292° true
40Turn right onto Lees Mill Rd47.4 mi1.1 mi00:01:52173° true
41Turn right onto Carrollton Rd49.6 mi2.2 mi00:04:00238° true
42Turn right onto Carrollton Rd50.1 mi0.4 mi00:01:01274° true
43CarrolltonRdand50.3 mi0.2 mi00:00:390° true
44Turn left onto Carrollton Rd50.3 mi0 ft00:00:000° true
45Turn right onto Wesley Rd50.5 mi0.2 mi00:02:00127° true
46Turn left onto Emory Rd N51.7 mi1.2 mi00:02:09184° true
47Turn right onto Emory Church Rd52.9 mi1.2 mi00:03:21110° true
48Turn right onto Emory Rd53.3 mi0.3 mi00:01:02129° true
49Turn left onto Deer Park Rd58.2 mi4.9 mi00:05:50223° true
50DeerParkRdandLo59.3 mi1.1 mi00:01:440° true
51Turn right onto Louisville Rd59.3 mi0 ft00:00:000° true
52Turn right onto Bollinger Mill Rd61.1 mi1.9 mi00:03:30224° true
53Turn left onto Sykesville Rd61.2 mi516 ft00:00:23302° true
54Turn left onto Pine Knob Rd63.4 mi2.2 mi00:03:44194° true
55MineralHillRdan65.4 mi2.0 mi00:05:220° true
56Turn right onto Liberty Rd67.2 mi1.8 mi00:04:21158° true
57Turn right onto Liberty Rd67.3 mi372 ft00:00:22248° true
58Bear left onto Old Liberty Rd68.4 mi1.1 mi00:01:29264° true
59Turn left onto Sunset Dr68.5 mi472 ft00:00:13278° true
60MarriottsvilleR71.0 mi2.5 mi00:05:040° true
61Turn right onto Marriottsville Rd72.2 mi1.2 mi00:02:05138° true
62Turn left onto Old Frederick Rd75.0 mi2.8 mi00:05:27175° true
63BethanyLnandOld77.9 mi2.9 mi00:04:160° true
64Turn right onto Bethany Ln77.9 mi0 ft00:00:000° true
65Turn right onto Clarksville Pike82.5 mi4.5 mi00:08:52179° true
66HomewoodRdandHa84.1 mi1.7 mi00:02:280° true
67Bear right onto Clarksville Pike84.1 mi0 ft00:00:000° true
68Take the Md-32 E ramp to the left towards Annapolis87.2 mi3.1 mi00:04:22217° true
69Keep left onto Hwy 32 E93.9 mi6.7 mi00:07:31121° true
70Keep right onto Hwy 32 E94.2 mi0.3 mi00:00:19136° true
71Take exit 12B-A to the right towards US-1/Elkridge/Laurel95.6 mi1.4 mi00:01:24152° true
72Take exit 12A to the left onto US-1 N towards Elkridge95.8 mi0.2 mi00:00:18135° true
73Take exit 12A to the right onto US-1 N towards Elkridge96.0 mi0.2 mi00:00:25127° true
74Keep right onto Guilford Rd96.7 mi0.7 mi00:01:0021° true
75Bob'sBmw97.7 mi1.0 mi00:01:41202° true
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